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Fruiterers (fab word - the knack, ironically like banananana, is knowing when to stop) anyway, is there something specific to being a fruiterer, or do you just have to sell fruit? And why isn't it just fruiter?

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Topaz2308 answers:

No formal qualifications needed to be a fruiterer but you have to be able to carry large loads (as in sacks of potatoes), be good with maths to work out the costs when reselling. Also a knowledge of nutrition would be helpful but not a necessity and some colleges do run courses in all aspects of selling that might help with the job.

As for fruiterer if they were called a fruiter they would be a ship for carrying fruit and not a purveyor of it.

Supplement from 12/26/2008 10:49pm:

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xoloriib answers:

Just for Christmas Con explain everrything for you.

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