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who invented condoms

asked in invented, condoms, health

Poindexter answers:

Condoms were invented by esteemed rubber scientist Dr Francis "Frenchy" Letters, after whom they were named. The popular etymology that they were invented by one Bernhard Lobs is of course patently false.

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mercman99 answers:

The Italians were credited with a form of condom made from lamb skin or intestine membrane around the 15th century.It wasn't used as a contraceptive but as a way of avoiding VD.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Condoms have been around for thousands of years, but used as a protection fron disease rather than a contraceptive:

"The condom has a colorful history. Cave paintings show that it was used during prehistoric times. Historians have no idea what the early condoms were made of but the ancient Romans made theirs from the guts and bladders of animals. In addition to being elastic, animal cecum had a fineness and strength which made it an excellent sheath."


Another that says they have been around since prehistoric times:


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lilyde answers:


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