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Is it worth washing a hire car on a frosty afternoon, before it is picked up tomorrow?
I have a hire car that needs returned it was driven here so was dirty when it arrived. It states if not returned in same condition I may face a £40 valeting charge. It was delivered to me so not exactly clean on the outside when it arrived. It will need to be inspected for damage before it goes.

Anyway I know I can clean the inside to be the same as when it arrived, but do I have to clean or should I clear thee outside considering the only way is to do by hand as if I traveled to get it done by machine it would be dirty again before I got home.

If you think I should wash it, what will be the quickest way to archive the min result needed given the temperature is below zero and car is frosted up.
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lilyde answers:

i would clean it!! they wouldnt take into consideration that it may be dirty when it arrived to you!!! and its £40 easily made by them!!

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seacommander answers:

Wash it unless you are prepared to argue that it is no dirtier now than when it arrived. I'd recommend some buckets of warm water on such a cold day. Not for the sake of the car - but for your hands. Next time you hire a car it might be worth making a note of the cleanliness on the acceptance form.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Valeting usually only means the inside and Mr Topaz who regularly hires cars for his work and in some driving conditions it is unavoidable but to get it dirty and thus far he has never been charged for cleaning. We have been hiring cars for nearly 10 years and never had a problem.

If you are overly concerned I would throw a few buckets of water over it which will take off the worst but anything after that would be a waste of your time.

A valet would only be needed if the inside was overly messy or muddy but outside is par for the course in wintery driving conditions.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Its only inside that needs it. (if be cleaning.)Most hire cars now, wont allow smoking or pets inside their cars.
As for it being dirty on the outside, why should you wash it when they have their own people to do it. It came to you Dirty, it can go back dirty (unless you been in dirt tracks etc ;0) )
You have paid enough to the hire company to hire said car, if they cant deliver a clean car to you (outside.) do not clean it for them anyway. you be depriving some-one out of their job.
When any time i have had to have hire or courstey cars if my car been off road, i never clean it on the outside nor inside for that matter as its kept clean on inside as with my own car.
Dont bother sheps, all they worried about is that inside of the car is clean and ready for the next customer.
That next customer may just get filthy anyway, so all your hard work be wasted.
They bump these cars out like a female guppy bumps her babies out. (Fast.)

Supplement from 12/28/2008 02:40pm:

If you really want to clean, if its still very cold, never use warm water, It will freeze almost straight away. Use cold water. (all depends what time cat goes back.) if its early, leave it be sheps. but if it midday etc and temps have gone up and sunny like it is here now, just throw couple buckets of cold water over worse spots, I.E. wheels. Me personally wouldnt bother.

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