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Warm water freezes faster than cold water, but to the best of my knowledge cold water does not boil faster than warm water. What other examples can you make where perceived opposites don't react in lab experiments as a layman might predict?
ok not the best phrased question but after 3 brandy's (one to warm me up before going outside to so I could clean the inside of the hire car and 2 to revive me afterwards.....well that's my excuse) it was the best I can do lol
Supplement from 12/28/2008 05:06pm:
ps I really deserved the brandy to warm me up... it was -5 here at 2pm this afternoon and gently snowing while I was trying to hover and polish the car. So a very cold day and trying to black clean leather and car carpets while the snow was coming in the open doors was not easy or fun hehe

asked in science

athenabs13ohe answers:

Umm err umm. Brandy and other *hic* Drinks of that nature, does not warm you, it makes the body colder. Its cause the blood vessels to dialate, so therefore shuting down the blood supply.
The image of the ST Bernard dod to rescue you with a barrel of booze is a myth, they were intially used to carry mail. (so no St Bernard out to you. ) Get some hot drinks down you and i dont mean Hot rum either. ;0)

Supplement from 12/28/2008 05:16pm:

Doh *Dog* soz. got a white furry thing sat on my lap and in way of keyboard.

Supplement from 12/28/2008 05:58pm:

Oh yes, i just remembered a theroy and it does work. (i tried it.)
To stop your car windows from freezing over or clear frost off, is to get a bottle of cold water with Salt in it, this helps prevents icing up and also clear windows and damn sight cheaper and friendlier than DE-icer.

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Messerwisser answers:

Warm water does not freeze easier. This misconception has been dealt with before.
Washing the wind shield is however an effective method for de-icing.

Supplement from 12/28/2008 09:44pm:

Washing it with hot brandy!

Supplement from 12/28/2008 10:35pm:

The problem is that we should have the same conditions for the two samples of water to be compared. The experiment can scientifically be carried out in this way:

Boil a quantity of water. Then fill it up on two identical plastic bottles in equal volumes and tighten with the caps.
Let them cool down, one in the freezer, one in the room.
After a while put also the other bottle in the freezer and start the timer.
Repeat with different temperatures.
The water with the lower temperature will always freeze first.
No matter what mr. Mpemba thinks.

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DragonsDen answers:

a couple of natural scientific paradoxes are

hot air rises but there is snow on the tops of mountains
you blow on a match to put it out but to blow on a camp fire to make it burn

not quite what you were asking but the best i could do

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