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Why does the avocado have an egg-shaped seed?
I'd wager it's so that it can be -- pardon my French -- shat out more easily. But which animal would eat a whole avocado?

PS: I know that some avocados have round seeds. But in those that don't, the egg-shape is very distinctive, and it's not merely elliptic.

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Messerwisser answers:

There are so many other shapes, but this happened to be free.

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P-Kasso answers:

I think it started as a marketing gimmick.

Bananas had already grabbed the rude yellow shape that makes them so saleable.

Oranges and aubergines had already nicked the memorable brand idea of being named after a colour.

So some bright spark in God's marketing department and a few heavenly focus groups decided that nobody had come up with the idea of adding a chuffin great seed! Brilliant new Unique Selling Point and the rest is history.

Eureks! A fruit star was born!

Lychees tried copying the idea but didn't have the budget or the marketing clout to make much of an impact on the market.

PS The big eggy shape of the seed was designed (as an added product benefit) to make it easier for little kids to stick four matchsticks into the seed and so learn all about disappointment in life while waiting for it not to sprout.

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