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Please help with this cyptic sweets quiz. All answers are sweets
e.g Wobbly infants = Jelly Babies
1. Nonsense
2. Where retired people live
3. We wouldn't like to like them
4. Old prig's treat
5. Fruity rims
6. Lacking dairy produce
7. Cheat Leslie's
8. Sounds like a light sculler
9. A pub with no beer
asked in quiz questions

Redslap answers:

Number five is possibly Cherry Lips

And number six might be Milky Way [milk a-way?]

Can't say that any of the rest are making sense I'm afraid.

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imfeduptoo answers:

No 1. could be Humbug
And 9 - maybe Mars Bar?

Supplement from 12/29/2008 03:18pm:

8. Aero - light (air), scull (row)

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seacommander answers:

For 6 how about Wine Gums - alcohol and dairy don't usually go together - well except for drinks like Baileys I suppose.

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Theminxy1 answers:

number 6... butterscotch

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