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What is the cheapest and best way to travel the world?
I am under 25 so could get a round the world ticket with STA travel would this be the cheapest way? I will probably start with a drive across America then on from there probably to the far east.

Are there any good reliable companies I can arrange homestays with in America or other countries?

What is the best way to pick up casual work along the way to help with dwindling funds, and what countries would be best to plan to stop and work in?

I am open to countries to visit if anyone has any suggestions or must visits and do not want to put a definite end date on my trip, just until I absolutely have no money or have had enough of being on the road!

Any help, advice or experience wisdom would be much appreciated!
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LauLau answers:

Not sure about the world, but my friend travelled around Europe by train as it was cheap and a nice way to travel, she had an amazing time met lots of friends. She said that Switzerland & Prague was a must, She stayed in YHA hostels which was also cost cutting and some of them are very nice, not like you would expect. I have also heard that Australia is a great place to get work whilst travelling.

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OneFootInTheGame answers:

I can give you only some general tips about the US, useful only if you have not been here before probably.

The cheapest way to travel in the US, is the Greyhound Bus. It covers the US and Canada and goes almost everywhere. If you can somehow qualify yourself as a student you can get a 15% discount. The discount applies not only to the bus but to other things as well. The buses are clean and the schedules regular, but this type of travel is not for the faint of heart.



They used to have something called Ameripass which was a whoop-de-doo deal, but I can find nothing but old references to it.

(If you can get almost any kind of school with the word University in its name... know what I mean? Here are some of the places it's honored:


As you can imagine, employment isn't good at present and getting worse. But it's been my experience that this sometimes has an opposite effect on the casual labor market, which is what you would be interested in, day, week, month. Employment is handled by the states, each state having its own employment service. In Arizona it's called the Arizona Dept. of Economic Security, you'll find almost as many variations as states. Many of these offices in the larger towns have a casual labor section. Look in the yellow pages under employment - temporary. There are also many private casual labor agencies, the best known would probably be Manpower, also the most persnickety.

You will need an Employment Authorization Document. There was a time when the casual labor people would have 'loaned' you a Social Security Number and put you to work, no more.


Many years ago I met two university students from the UK who had only enough money for round trip fare to the US and were working at a hotel in the Catskills to earn money for travel. I turned them on to the Ameripass and told them which places not to miss. Many months later I got a card from them saying that as near as they could figure they had clocked 50,000 miles and only quit because they were worn out and had to get back to school.

If there is any other way I can help you, don't hesitate to let me know.

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sandeep.ambardekar answers:

- I would suggest train as safest and cheapest way.
- It would be better to work in Europe (Especially in UK). In UK you can get good odd jobs and you can fund yourself to travel the most of the asia.
- To cover rest of the Asia (especially far east), first fly to Australia. Work there and you can earn money to complete the world tour.
- I had planned my tour from Europe to India via China by road/ rail.
If you are interested I can send you that map.

Safety is being at right place at right time.

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