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what is the meaning of 'licking my bed sores'?
I wonder if the expression 'licking my bedsores' is commonly used as a phrase in colloquial conversation in America. Someone said: I was talking while the kid was liking my bedsores. Is it an abusive expression?
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athenabs13ohe answers:

Never heard of Licking ones bedsores.
But there is a phrase and thats, "To lick ones wounds."
Means slink away and admit defeat etc. Or to sulk after loosing a fight or a row. I.E. he/she lost fight/row and now as gone off to lick their wounds.
Not abusive as far as i know of.

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KentPDG answers:

Sounds to me like a mixed metaphor.

The more common expression of "licking my wounds" comes from the medieval practice of turning loose dogs on a battlefield, after the battle was over. The dogs would go to the wounded, ignoring the dead, and would lick their bleeding wounds. Dog saliva being powerfully antiseptic, the wounds would be cleaned. If the soldier did not bleed to death, there was a good chance his wounds would later heal without infection, having been cleaned by the dogs.

Hence, the expression indicates that one is attempting to recover, as well as might be possible, after suffering a grievous wound or a serious defeat.

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