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in late October, what stinging insects or spiders might be searching for victims?
would a nest of hornets, red wasps or yellow jackets be apt to get nasty if someone whopped the nest with a stick, or accidentally ran into its nest? Could numerous stings kill a person?
asked in biology

jacquesdor answers:

Hornets would certainly get nasty if they felt the colony was threatened, it is likely that very many of them would defend the nest by stinging. Hornet stings are more painful that wasp stings but not normally fatal. The danger with numerous stings is the shock to the victim which could be serious. If someone has an allergy then a sting could be fatal.
Sorry I dont know about red wasps or yellow jackets.
Depending on where you are in the world there could be many stinging insects in late October. If it is autumn when insects start to hibernate then they could be drowsy and extra irritable!

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