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What things must a child do in order to have made the most of thier childhood?
not really being serious sort of a list of things to do before you die but in this case before you grow up (ok we know some of us never do...)

eat crayons as a toddler,
make mud pies,
splash in puddles
asked in children, things to do

Russel.West answers:

Be loved by their parent(s)...

Taste fresh rain... and snails, slugs, dirt and worms...

Pick buttercups and hold them under your chin, make daisy chains...

Climb trees and fall out of them!

Supplement from 01/01/2009 04:41pm:

The sweetest apples are those right at the top of the tree!

Supplement from 01/01/2009 05:09pm:

Peeling off the sun burned skin!

picking chicken pox scabs - still got those scars!

burning your fingers on just baked biscuits - licking the cake mix bowl clean!

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minx_24.nik answers:

Definitely splash in puddles!! :o)
Have fun...be loved by all...be educated to equip him/her for life...learn as much as possible...run, jump etc...eat lots of sweets until he/she feels ill...watch all the Disney/Warner Bros films...the list is endless!!

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tracieboo answers:

played in the sand at the seaside

scraped thier knees and picked off the scabs

make rice krispie cakes

had a pet

Made a tent out of a sheet (and anything else available!)

had a sleep over, that didn't envole any sleep!

i'll let other people think of some more....

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seacommander answers:

Enjoy their childhood and not be in a hurry to grow up or be hurried to grow up.
Play with a hammer and nails and old scraps of wood to make fantastic furniture and toys. Make a trolley out of old pram wheels.
Listen to the wisdom of their grandparents.
Use their imagination, and be encouraged to use their imagination at every possible opportunity.
Never be afraid to ask 'why'.

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natwarmer answers:

Just cuz they are boys dont do what I did: I didn't think to bring them into the baking, cooking, laundry folding, domestic chores. Thought it might feminize them.

In these,my autumn years, I look back (in such pain, regret) that none of my perfectionism about women's work would have in any way got in the way of their manly ways if I had shared time that way with them. Take it from me, mothers of little men out there.

Even though our neighbor father of five boys said "these boys of mine have to do it all, from making beds to washing dishes..." He worked himself into a red-faced rant, and I went home and still couldn't follow those practices.

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hellis852 answers:

enjoy being a child not try and act like a grown up before time. Believe in what you want try and learn for the future. Play, Watch and learn. Try and show respect to elders. Go to school you will need that knowledge if you want to get the job when older. Just be yourself.Not everything will be to your liking but that is life.

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Redslap answers:

Make cardboard boxes into tardises/space ships/buses/aeroplanes/etc
Raid your parents' clothing and cosmetics and dress up.
Draw on the wallpaper at least once.
Throw real money on an open fire.
Repeat rude comments that your parents make to the targets.
Eat carrots straight out of the ground.
Steal peas/strawberries when no-one's looking - to your knowledge.
Run so fast that you feel like your chest will burst.
Laugh so hard that snot comes out of your nose (do this one lots).
Live every moment of a story so deeply that your cry when it finishes.
Smash at least one treasured family ornament.
Force feed daisies to an electronic dog.
Sit in the middle of the lawn, in a washing up bowl, wearing nothing but giant sunglasses.
Stubbornly wear a rubber mac and use an umbrella all day on the hottest day of summer.

There are so many things you only get to do for the first time once and every kid should be encouraged to savour the experiences as they come.

What a blast it was being a kid! And thank you for asking a question that brought back those memories.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Run in the sea and even when you get old tissue and god knows what stuck to you still keep the thought I'm on my summer holidays.

Set fire to ants with a magnifying glass on a sunny day.

Break up and make up with friends on a daily basis just because you can as no one cares tomorrow.

Put 25 pence worth of penny sweets in your bag and only claim 15 pence worth.

Say you need rather than you just want!

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Family.Guy answers:

Fight with siblings.
Catch Crane Flies and chase girls with them.
Collect meaningless things.
Water fights.
Play in the garden and with friends.
Potato prints.
Run around at weddings and skid to a halt on their knees.
Make up games based on programmes you see on TV ( A-Team in my day and Knight Rider )

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rainchild answers:

This answer is a little more serious, but I see you already have many answers of the sort you are looking for, and there's not that much left to say.

As a child I used to take sort of mind photographs. I knew I was experiencing wonderful moments and I'd want to remember them forever, so I'd just decide "I'm going to remember this forever." I'd kind of seal it in my mind. As a result I have clear memories from toddlerhood on up. I remember the countries my parents took me to, etc. Throughout my childhood I always carefully reviewed my history in my mind and built on it, and to this day I remember my childhood even better than my adult life.

As far as really good childhood memories go, travelling and learning really stand out to me. My nana teaching me to knit, my dad teaching me to do maths on a calculator. Me teaching my little sister to read.

Playing in the house where my mother grew up was very important to me, the toys that were once hers were important to my sense of personal history.

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geejayy answers:

forget the pain , remember the love, do everything at least once and learn from it.

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tecspec answers:

Oops slipped this a comment to Geejayy..but this is my answer.

Picking scabs
Making cakes with moss dug up from between paving slabs
jerking high on a swing and jumping off
spinning so fast on a roundabout that you can hardly stand when you get off.
rummaging in Aunt Edy's cupboard under the stairs and breathe in the smell so you you can still recall it when you are in your 50s!
Playing 'knock up ginger'
Runnng outside in the rain.
making snowmen
picking wild flowers
Blackberrying ( no not the mobile phone kind!)

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Arellia answers:

playing out doors
climbing trees
taking apart toys to see how they work (and not being able to put them back together again)
making a house/castle/pirate ship/space station out of the living/dining room furniture
make a collection out of just about anything
go as high as possible on a swing/go on it standing (doubles even), jump off mid swing - things you can't seem to / or dare do safely on a swing after growing up.
jump off a seesaw when you are on the ground (have that done to you)
run around in the rain
read all the children's books you can find
go to school
have a favourite dress you wear over and over
water your neighbors over the wall (no i didn't miss 'plants')
use the hole in the hedge to visit you neighbor instead of the gate
squeeze into or through spaces your never going fit through later
'help' polish the floor/paint the walls
do those little "science experiments"

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