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Do football players practise their flamboyant goal celebrations beforehand?

asked in football

Topaz2308 answers:

Hard to say whether they are or aren't but the thing is that they are not likely to be rehearsed pre-match in the changing rooms because it is usually a tense atmosphere. So not really the place to just mess about with silly celebrations and fooling about.

The team might confer in practice sessions so they know roughly what will be the celebration and others might go to the match with extra things about their person for the celebration but probably done by themselves before they arrive.

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weires answers:

Yes they do! It depends on the league and the professionalism of the team ... Pro teams have usually a set of different choreographics. Most of them are modified versions of traditional "touch-down" dances like "the grenade", "the machinegun" and so on and so on.

There is also an official choreographer and his programme is also part of the teams training.

In most semi-pro or amateur teams the dances are also practised regularly before every game.

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