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What do teenagers do during the holidays? Do their parents make sure they get the 10 - 12 hours sleep they need to grow up healthy?

asked in teenagers, health, sleep

rainchild answers:

10-12 hours sleep? Well if that's how much they need, we need to re-examine the school system and stop handing out homework. My little sister's a teenager and during the holidays she works at an advertising design company and hangs out with her friends.

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jacquesdor answers:

My experience of teenagers is that they catch up any lost sleep on holidays and weekends. I have known my son to sleep twenty hours at a go sometimes - needless to say he would then be up most of the night!
I am not sure what sort of age you mean, but by seventeen years old they seem to turn largely nocturnal. Also they do have a huge amount of vitality and stamina at that age - and can fall alseep almost anywhere, within seconds when they need to.
Nayure has a way of restoring a balance.

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seacommander answers:

Hello xoloriib - Happy New Year.
In their early teens my boys generally stayed at home and played with their toys and made models - one was interested in model railways and the other model aircraft. As they grew older they spent increasing amounts of time with their friends either pursuing their hobbies or listening to music. Once they were old enough they would spend some evenings with friends at local pubs - although I must add that I'm very grateful they never over-indulged. Jacquesdor has pointed out how in her experience older teens become almost nocturnal and I can second that.
In terms of hours of sleep; there never was any problem whatever in my children getting 10 to 12 hours. If anything, the problem was trying to rouse them for the day after 12 hours sleep. Staying in bed I think is one of the key features of being teenage.

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laratheangel answers:

I am a teenager (late teens) and I have spent a lot of the Christmas holiday online, often staying up until the early hours and averaginging less than 7 hours sleep a night. I have drunk a lot of alchohol and look a bit rough.

But I am very disciplned outside holiday times, get plebty of sleep, work hard and only drink a glass of wine with dinner.

I guess I'm not typical, but I don't have any friends my age.

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geejayy answers:

my 15yr old would happily take up residence 24/7 in front of this pc if i let him.
i kicked him off earlier this morning at 2 & 4am respectively, he was having an online stay awake comp with one of his mates from school again .
trouble is if he's awake, though quiet, his younger brother n sis feel they should be awake and playing noisily as well.
in the interests of me getting some sleep i sent em all back to bed (twice)
at his age i'd often need little sleep, but with no computers then , i'd read a book through the early hours, my parents never knew how little sleep i used to get by on dureing my youth.

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imfeduptoo answers:

My teenage grandchildren have always spent every holiday with me and I'm afraid making sure they have enough sleep doesn't even cross my mind!

When they are at their parents house and at school they have to follow rules and timetables so when they are at mine I try to make sure they have nothing but fun.

If that means they stay up late on the internet or playing games then so be it - they catch up on their sleep in the morning.

It hasn't done them any harm - they have both grown up as healthy, well-behaved, sensible and really nice girls.

And we have a wonderful relationship.

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LauLau answers:

Stay up late....sleep in late!

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JoGxx answers:

A teenager does without question need more sleep because biologicaly they are growing at the same rate as toddlers do -and we unconditionally accept a toddlers sleep patterns as parents. They ( the teen- ager) also are undergoing the biggest hormonal changes that ever happen (hard to believe for all of us adults out there- especially women- but true). Therefore if there are any adults who could run around madly, grow like a toddler and take on board all the ups and downs that hormones throw at you on a 24/7 basis and say that they would not like to sleep 12 hrs a day too - I think you fib!! however young people obviouslyl want to experience life to the full so feel the need to make every day count and over do things and rebel at every oportunity!! even if that is only 3 hrs a day after homework -or 24/7 at weekends with Grandparents- thank God for that!! You sound like the perfect grandparents to me - but be careful as they may decide to leave home and live with you in the near future... the grass is always greener!!

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