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Why does some music affect us so profoundly?
what I mean is what is the science behind the music... why does certain drum beats make us feel the way we do what is the connection with the heart rate etc,
asked in music, science

moonzero2 answers:

Possibly a racial memory to being held close to mums breast in the case of drum rhythms.

I tend to find mood is a large factor in how I react to music though

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Arellia answers:

This is not really an answer but I know someone who is trying to visualize music for the deaf and they find that even if a person hasn't heard anything before certain songs/rhythms affect them differently when they look at it. They were using color splashes and patterns for the beats and harmonies. The colors only respond in a very analytical way (ie this harmony,pitch etc has a certain color and intensity varies) but this is still able to convey a mood to someone who can't hear it to some extent.

As for drum beats - I don't know if there is any science to this but I find that your heartbeat seems to synchronize with very loud drumbeats (I can only find this in new age thinking) A few of us timed our heartbeats to the drumbeats and found it was in sync when there was repetitive beat. It might have just been coincidental though.

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