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Is it ever worth bending the law for a good cause ?
Have we any lawyers in out number ?
asked in law

zac123 answers:

that's a difficult one. would need more information. when you say bending do you really mean breaking?
we live in a free democratic society, where we are free to voice our opinions and campaign against laws which we feel are unfair or simply not working.
is there not a way of achieving what you want within the law?

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jacquesdor answers:

It would seem that if you look to the law to protect you - and yours - it is only sensible not to be seen breaking or bending that law. You have to be squeaky clean at the moment, is it worth taking a risk at this particular time? No judge or magistrate would look kindly on anyone who took the law into their own hands.
It may well be a good cause, but you could lose all official support for that cause by acting rashly.

Supplement from 01/02/2009 05:58pm:

Although due processes of law are very lengthy and slow, once completed a judgement can - and will - be enforced. Taking the law into ones own hands means being alone to handle the consequences, anything you achieve could be overturned at any time with no back up.
Take a longer term view and donĀ“t reject the protection of the law.

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Messerwisser answers:

I can think of situations where humanity should be stronger than the law, but then it is a question if you are ready to take the consequences.
(Example: there are military laws where you must kill people you do not know.)

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Family.Guy answers:

Speeding laws are always broken so that you can get immediate help by the Emergency Services. Although they are allowed to speed up over the limits they are still held accountable if they have an accident or cause one.

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high1971 answers:

it if is for a good cause
bend it break on it stamp on it do what you like the law is an ass
and there is a loop hole i am sure to cover the act if it is a good cause

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himnextdoor answers:

It's ALWAYS worth bending the law; to see if it can be broken.

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