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seize the night, a book by dean koontz
was it ever made into a film , or had a film based upon it?

i ask because a very short part of it describes/ mirrors a short section of a film i seem to remember watching but can't remember the title of.
asked in books, films

tracieboo answers:

here is a list of his books that have been made into film adaptations...

Though several of his novels have been adapted either as motion pictures or television movies, Koontz is generally unhappy with most of these adaptations. According to a 1996 interview, Koontz was so unhappy with the final cut of the film adaptation of his novel Hideaway that he now insists on keeping creative control over all subsequent films based on his books.

Film adaptations

The Husband (2008) - Focus Features[7]
Frankenstein (2004) - USA Network - starring Adam Goldberg, Parker Posey, Michael Madsen, Vincent Perez, and Thomas Kretschmann (Koontz pulled out of the project midway through production because he did not like the direction the film was headed. He ended up writing his own books with the storyline he had originally created. The project continued without him.)[8]
Black River (2001) - Fox - starring Jay Mohr, and Stephen Tobolowsky
Sole Survivor (2000)–Fox - starring Billy Zane, John C. McGinley, and Gloria Reuben
Watchers Reborn (1998) - Concorde Pictures - starring Mark Hamill
Phantoms (1998) - Miramax/Dimension Films - starring Peter O'Toole, Ben Affleck, Rose McGowan, and Joanna Going.
Mr. Murder (1998)–ABC–starring Stephen Baldwin, Thomas Haden Church, and James Coburn
Intensity (1997)–Fox–starring John C. McGinley, Molly Parker, and Piper Laurie
Hideaway (1995)–Tristar Pictures–starring Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti, Jeremy Sisto, and Alicia Silverstone
Watchers 3 (1994) - Concorde Pictures - starring Wings Hauser
The Servants of Twilight (1991)–Trimark–starring Bruce Greenwood
The Face of Fear (1990)–CBS–starring Pam Dawber and Lee Horsley. Also includes Kevin Conroy.
Watchers II (1990) - Concorde Pictures - starring Marc Singer and Tracy Scoggins
Whispers (1990) - Cinepix–starring Victoria Tennant, Chris Sarandon, and Jean LeClere
Watchers (1988)–Concorde Pictures - starring Corey Haim, Barbara Williams, and Michael Ironside
The Intruder (1977) - MGM - starring Jean-Louis Trintignant (French film adaptation of Koontz's novel Shattered)
Demon Seed (1977) - MGM - starring Julie Christie, Fritz Weaver, and Robert Vaughn as the voice of Proteus


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