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Joanne Walley? lynda Bellingham - please name film/tv show
Hubby cannot see Joanne Walley with big hair - I am older and know it happened!! I just cant place this pic of Linda B - Thank you for all answers, I am a bit slack in reviewing questions but I will do my best over the next 24 hrs to help you too! Happy new year again
asked in film trivia

tracieboo answers:

I might be well off the mark, but could it be The Gentle Touch? I know they were both in it at some point, but not sure if it was at the same time or not.

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vultan answers:

Hmm - the first one *might* be Brenda Blethyn in Secrets and Lies - the other actress there is Marianne Jean-Baptiste if it is that film. Hard to tell from the photo.

The other one I can't figure out - could be Joanne Whalley.

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