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how do you invert 14

asked in maths

blacksmith81 answers:

This is simply 1/14

Supplement from 01/03/2009 07:20pm:

14 can be written as; 14/1, therefore the inverse is 1/14.

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PARRY22 answers:

In maths an inverse is often written in text books as the number (in this case 14) with an integer of -1.
I thought you might find this bit of information useful even though the answer above is quite correct.

Supplement from 01/04/2009 11:55am:

Should have said to the power of -1 rather than use the term integer.

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Billlion answers:

Better to say 1/14 is the reciprocal of 14. The multiplicative inverse is 1/14, the additive inverse is -14. Informally plenty of people say inverse when they mean multiplicative inverse (=reciprocal).

There are of course other types of arithmetic. Here we are using rational numbers. One could answer the question in modulo arithmetic too.

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