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wat are the figures for teenage pregnancies and teenage std rates for 2008
under age sex
asked in sex education

Topaz2308 answers:

It is a bit early to have definite stats for this year only just going into the New Year but reports say that

Teenage pregnancies rose last year (16 December 2008)

Office for National Statistics published figures for under-18 pregnancies in England and Wales showing rise of at least 2.7 per cent in the rate last year. Last year’s increase means around 43,000 girls under 18 in England and Wales became pregnant, only 1,000 fewer than 1998 and at least 1,200 more from 2006. Britain has highest teenage pregnancy levels in Europe.

The Telegraph - www.telegraph.co.uk

Teenage pregnancies go up despite free contraception and sex education (16 December 2008)

The number of teenage pregnancies leapt last year, despite all Labour's efforts to increase sex education and contraception among children and the young. The increase appears to have struck a death blow to the Government's long-standing pledge to halve rates of pregnancy among girls under 18.

The Daily Mail - dailymail.co.uk


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