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Like and love. Can one exist without the other?.... contd.
We were discussing the connections between like and love in the context of human relationships. There was little, if any debate about the notion that a person can like another without loving them, however, there was quite a lot of unresolved debate about whether it was possible to love somebody without liking them. Is there any evidence, from formal studies, anecdotal or personal that can help resolve this?
asked in human relationships, love, liking

Hiheels answers:

Yes, it's the love you have for someone that lets you get past them doing things you don't like.

However, depending on what it is, each thing can wear away at it so that in the end there is neither.
The opposite of love isn't hate - it's indifference.

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sheps101 answers:

i think there is plenty of examples where one might love a family member without actually liking them. You can't choose your family after all....

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LeggyandLovely answers:

Yes, you can love someone without liking them, but if it is a continuous dislike, love will go out of the window. So what about the word comprimise, sort out the dislikes and try to turn things around.

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Maygs answers:

My respected other half has an awful sister, and I mean really really awful, the worst kind of person you could ever come across, yet she still claims through it all that she loves her. Astounds me, but I am an only child so maybe won't be able to get my head around it.

Seems like it's a case of "I love you because I have to" situation.

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Poindexter answers:

Well, sort of.

Speaking from regrettable personal experience, I've been attracted to girls I knew I didn't actually like. It was kind of sexual, although not in the physical sense (i. e. the girl wasn't particularly good-looking nor promiscuous).

In one case I was working with this girl on a project, when she abruptly left. Although this left me with all the work on my hands, I felt relieved. It also turned out that she had a dodgy boyfriend whom she naturally hadn't told me about. I was pretty elated that she went as I felt I'd gotten off lightly. It was like "You've abruptly decided to move? Hey, good for you. Yeah, I'll wrap up the project for ya, no biggie. You still owe me money which I'll never see again? Don't let that worry your pretty head! What, there's a boyfriend in the pipeline? Naturally, I guessed as much. Byeee!" She was puzzled what I was so pumped up about. I felt I'd just escaped the kiss of death.

She had me wrapped around her finger even though I knew full well that she was a big fat liar and I was getting played. The femme fatale thing.

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will_it_work answers:

I have a younger sister who is has brought so much hurt and pain to our family, she constantly abuses us and blames us for the choices that SHE makes. She is selfish and self-centred, only out for what she can get. She appears to take great delight in causing trouble. I really, really dislike her but I do still love her. I think it is because I knew the person that she used to be, the funny little girl and then for a short time the loving & caring sister and Mum.
With each day that passes and I see my Mum's health suffer due to the stress that is heaped on her and the tiredness of caring for my sisters 2 year old, holding down a stressful job and trying to help my sister, the love that I feel gets less and less.

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