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I was given a clock for my car but the stickies that came withit will stick to my dashboard. What can i use to stick it?
I've tried wiping the surface down, using new sticky pads, using sticky velcro, sticking duct tape on first all just fall off.
I have a sticker to remind me of the next service in the top right of the windscreen and the clock will stick to that but due to the rake of the windscreen i can't see the display!
Supplement from 01/04/2009 02:07pm:
oops should have previewed! WILL NOT STICK>>>

asked in cars, clocks

tracieboo answers:

Blu tack? or blu tack make little double sided sticky pads aswell.

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Leohuberh answers:

I think the whole point of this device is to allow you to mount the clock without leaving any mark on your car ?
Can you fix a mounting bracket with a screw ?
Fix a Car Phone Holder Clip Kit on it.


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KentPDG answers:

Best would be Velcro. Your local hardware or home supply store will have little packs of Velcro squares or strips. The adhesive will bond firmly to almost anything. You can then remove the clock when needed, for battery replacement or setting or whatever.

Getting the tape cleanly off your dashboard may be a bigger problem, requiring some kind of solvent that won't dissolve the dashboard covering. But that's a problem for another day, or another owner.

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