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what was the first ever carry on film to be released aired and when

asked in films, carry on, first

siasl74 answers:


1st Aug, 1958, Screen One, London

Supplement from 01/05/2009 01:27pm:

Note: Carry On Admiral, from the previous year, was not part of the Carry On series :-)

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seacommander answers:

Carry on Sergeant 1958.


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P-Kasso answers:

Carry On Srgeantant (1958).

Supplement from 01/05/2009 01:35pm:

imdb.com has loads of info (and unlike me can spell Sergeant!)...

It was the first film in the "Carry On..." series. A further thirty were produced until 1992. Carry on Sergeant was so early it was in black and white.


William Hartnell ... Sergeant Grimshawe
Shirley Eaton ... Mary Sage
Eric Barker ... Captain Potts
Dora Bryan ... Norah
Bill Owen ... Corporal Bill Copping
Charles Hawtrey ... Peter Golightly
Kenneth Connor ... Horace Strong
Kenneth Williams ... James Bailey
Terence Longdon ... Miles Heywood
Norman Rossington ... Herbert Brown
Gerald Campion ... Andy Calloway
Hattie Jacques ... Captain Clark

Supplement from 01/05/2009 01:37pm:

PS - The film's plot was that a bunch of new recruits are called up for national service...their Sergeant lays a £50 bet with the other sergeants that HIS last squad before he retires from the army will be the champion squad that year...

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