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Why can I watch YouTube videos without a hitch, but other video is too painful to bother?
Is it YouTube's technology? On my system, Flash seems to work better than Quicktime, which is better than Windows Media Player, which spends so much time buffering I usually just move on. I am thinking specifically of news clips on the news networks' sites. One would think they would use the best technology available.
Supplement from 01/06/2009 08:00pm:
After I submitted this question, I discovered hulu and tried watching a movie. More strangeness. It would run fine until it ran a commercial, then it was stutter, stutter, which would continue into the movie. I found if I paused after each commercial for about ten seconds the movie would run fine until the next commercial.

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siasl74 answers:

"Best" is not particularly definable easily in this context. YouTube videos, when uploaded, are optimised to fit down a particular bandwidth - 200kbps for a 320x240 pixel picture if this table is right:

That basically means that if you can maintain the 200kbps then you get a nice smooth video.

I can't find any stats for other services, but the videos they use are typically of a higher quality than YouTube (although I note that YT has started a HD-type service of late). Also, the servers can get particularly busy at certain times of the day (which also leads to delays). One might als obe cynical and suppose that ISPs are deliberately breaking these flows up a bit as they are currently in dispute with the BBC (and others) over the bandwidth consumption that service has generated - but I've not heard of any verifiable source for that rumour.

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xoloriib answers:

I think that youtube is a good service but I never watch their videos without first letting them load. As I have also tried to upload to youtube I can tell you that side of it is not so good.

There are plenty of other good video sites that don't suffer the variation in bandwidth access that youtube does that also use .flv. Offhand I can think of dailymotion.com, break.com, veoh.com but there are plenty more.

Supplement from 01/05/2009 09:22pm:

For news you watch itn on youtube.

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