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If you made a new Q&A website, how would you design it?
Alot of us have vistited various Q&A sites so if you made one what would you do to make the best one?

eg Would you have ranks? if so what would they represent? how could you earn points towards the next rank? Would it be the questioner, or the other members that would help you gain ranks?

What about the credit system used on this site? Is it a good idea?

would you allow guests to ask questions?

what about ratings?
asked in internet, IQ

high1971 answers:

first thing i would do is make a library of all closed questions and a tab to go straight to them
am not sure that ratings are a good or bad idea so i would play that by ear
as far as guests go i would just have an auto log in if they enter the site so they can as their question but also prompt them to join before and after asking their question
and i would reduce the open time for a question to a max of 3 days

Supplement from 01/05/2009 11:12pm:

as far as rating a question goes
it would go on the number of people that gave it as a good answer would be top but extra could be added from the question writer as to the best that help them
but also maybe a few points if some one rated a question as helpful but that goes to the question writer
similar to this site

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xoloriib answers:

The main problem with iQ is to do with time.

When people are inactive their rank remains the same. I would limit it by restarting everybody back at nought every three months. The same with diplomas. Somebody who gained a diploma in computers two years ago will not necessarily have kept up to date.

The credit system is something else not affected by time. I think losing 25% of your credits for each month of inactivity would be a good idea.

I don't like the idea of people gaining rank from other members. There is too much scope for cronyism. People who can answer questions are not always popular with other people.
I think that guest questions should only be answered by members of a certain rank or moderators.

Ratings : I would have a points value for each question : those points would be distributed by the questioner.

Supplement from 01/05/2009 11:36pm:

The incomplete parts I would also correct. There is a good answer button so there needs to be a bad answer button as well. Helpful question I would rename as good question and also have a bad question button : these would affect the value of the question.

Unrated questions would be decided by the good answer / bad answer buttons but based on percentages.

Supplement from 01/05/2009 11:47pm:

Answers and suplements would be rated separately.

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Russel.West answers:

Why reinvent the wheel - this site is as good as it gets - sure people can find things to constructively be critical about but this is a great place to hang out when online...

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rainchild answers:

First thing, is the site would have categories within categories within categories. Yahoo! Answers has a clever set-up when it comes to categorising.

You can't choose your own tags; it has to fall into an existing category. Each of the sciences would be a category. Geography, travel, food, beverage, all of these things would be sub categories inside larger ones.

Opinion questions could be pink, and Factual questions could be green, and you have two rankings. I like the idea of using geniuses to represent the rankings, but I think the opinion rankings should be wise and noble souls such as Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Socrates, etc.
I don't see much reason for the credits, but I guess it's something fun we can give to each other. Perhaps our profiles could be a tiny bit more face-booky in that people could leave messages on your "wall" or give you presents or something.

I love being able to upload pics and embed video. Let's keep that excellent function. And being able to comment on questions and answers is really cool too.

Rising in the ranks should carry privilege, and senior ranking members should be able to tidy up the site, fix the categories, etc.

I think we should be able to rate things both good and bad. We should have a spelling clean-up too, and not put up with stuff that is really barely English at all on here.

It should also be made really enticing to read old stuff, not a lot of hard work. We could vote in the best Q's and A's for their own easily-read section. A "random" button to pull up random ones would be good too.

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siasl74 answers:

Instead of having a "Rate as good answer" button, I'd be tempted to have a voting slider bar similar to that used on the Register website to rate their articles. E.g. look at the bottom of the article here:

I'd be tempted to drop bookmark functionality - it doesn't seem to serve a purpose here beyond enabling spammers. I keep a few bookmarks, but that's not really to properly use the function. There's only one member that extensively files things in bookmarks, anyway, and maybe one or two others who use it a bit more than occasionally.

The tags should be fixed up so it's neater along Rainchild's proposals.

It might be nice to have more ranks in the diplomas, but probably unnecessary, we already have 3.

As to expiring points, I'm not sure there is a point to that. It would only be seen as a punishment for inactivity which would turn people off the site.

Guest questions I would allow, and I like Xolo's idea of only allowing established (i.e. at least a few contributions to the site that have been rated) users to answer them (preventing the spam questions).

I wouldn't bother making the points distribution any different - keep it simple for the person rating the question and you'll get more participation.

All of the above are modifications to the iQ system, not a new, ground-up redesign - but even then, I'd still probably follow the iQ template as I don't know any other system and can't see that many flaws in this one.

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Arellia answers:

Most of the current framework seems to work quite well so I wouldn't suggest too many changes.

Tags: I agree with rainchild's suggestion of having selectable catergories only. Mods or someone like that may add extra tags to the lists if there seem to be questions that dont fall into an existing catergory (but thats optional). It would give people an easier way to search for questions too.

Credits: I don't quite see the point in this as a question should be asked and answered regardless of how many credits it has. Not having this might encourage all questions to get more or less the same amount of response/interest.

Ranks though are nice as it gives users a sense of achievement as well as knowing who has been around longer/answered more questions. Most forums etc also have some sort of ranking (junior member etc) so it gives an idea of who to look for for help etc. Having specialty diplomas are useful too this way. Though it might be a good idea to be able to select your specialty in your profile or something allowing people to see this even if you haven't yet earned your diploma. What i mean is someone might be very knowledgeable in say law but say there are not so many questions in that and he/she answers a lot of music questions just by chance - the diplomas might give an impression that he/she is good in music while he/she would be a better authority on law related questions.

Having a good and bad rating for questions and answers would be a good idea (unrated questions should still be based on this).

Rating answers should still be left up to the questioner I think - but there could be a retroactive feature which allows anyone to mark a question as having wrong factual information which on a earlier date had been marked helpful or top. this shouldn't affect rankings but should just serve as an indication to a reader that the answer was later found to be incorrect. you could mark it incorrect (but still have a helpful rating) at the time or rating too - You dont want to mislead people reading questions through a public search.

I think the ranks as they are are fine (though it would be nice to replace the female top rank ;))

I think guest questions should be allowed (though a prompt to join could be added). If there is a way to keep track of the email they enter - the number of questions asked could be limited (eg 2 a day or something) and a prompt given that they could join if they want to ask more. I guess if someone wants to use the site a lot it makes more sense to ask them to join up. This might help prevent the spamming. The answering should be allowed by anyone though - being a mod or older member doesn't automatically mean you have more expertise in everything and a new member might still have a better answer. I don't see how spamming is related to who answers the questions? (maybe i'm missing something here)

Ok as I said these are only additional suggestions to what is already a pretty good set up

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