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Roughly what percentage of the world's christians believe in the literal truth of the Bible?
What percentage of christians - of any denomination - are creationists who reject scientific discoveries about the way the earth was formed, and what percentage have succeeded in reconciling their faith with scientific reality?
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siasl74 answers:

If our US brethren are representative of the world, then the figures are that 55% of Americans believe in a created world/universe. This was from a poll by CBS, and I don't know who they asked.

However, "A British survey of 103 Roman Catholic priests, Anglican bishops and Protestant ministers/pastors showed that:
97% do not believe the world was created in six days.
80% do not believe in the existence of Adam and Eve."

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asejik answers:

i think about 60% of the world's population believe, due to the fact that some have different doctrines e.g jehovah's witnesses, celestial, ekankar, seventh day adventist.......

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