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How do I research primary school's reputations over a large area?
Many of you know I am moving and if things don't go to plan I think I will choose to look at other areas away from where I have grown up. I will be looking for a rural location so the reputation of the local primary school is very important to me as it will be very small local schools and in most places only the choice of one school so it is important it has a good rep. Anyway how can I go about sussing out a schools rep are without visiting each area and when the odds are I know noone in the area to ask
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siasl74 answers:

You could try either of the published league tables or the Ofsted inspection reports.

League tables are available from the BBC News website:
(whether they are meaningful is another matter!)

Ofsted reports available from Ofsted:

At the very least, using these will help you narrow down the search a bit

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xoloriib answers:

This website has a lot of information including about schools

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Redslap answers:

You could phone or email the schools and ask them for references. Ask them what extra-curricular activities they provide as that seems to be a good indicator of how committed the staff are. I'd suggest phoning because you'll be able to tell a lot from the tone of voice of the person you're talking to.

If you're getting good vibes about one particular area, then it might be time to visit.

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Russel.West answers:

Move anywhere in south, southwest Surrey outside of the M25 area and you can't go to a bad school - mind you cost of living here is awful!

Supplement from 01/06/2009 09:19pm:

here's the link I used to check out my local schools:


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