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Are you allowed to smoke in a motor vehicle that has children in it in the UK? Do you think it's OK to do so?
Smoking banned in cars with kids
Tony Moore | May 26, 2008 - 2:07PM

And people smoking in cars will face a $150 on-the-spot fine if there is a child in the car after the State Government announced this morning it would toughen its anti-smoking legislation.

Premier Anna Bligh today in Townsville announced the toughening of Queensland's anti-smoking legislation.
Supplement from 01/06/2009 11:58am:

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seacommander answers:

If it's a private vehicle it is OK. If it is a business vehicle it is considered as a place of work and smoking is not allowed irrespective of whether children are present or not.
With the evidence supporting the potential dangers of secondary smoking I think it is unfair to smoke in a car with children. Adults should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they are prepared to travel in a car with a smoker. Personally I'm happy to travel with somebody that smokes, however, in my experience I have found very few smokers that actually do smoke whilst driving.

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natwarmer answers:

I didn't smoke in a car in the presence of my kids. I remembered how it bothered me as a child, the smoke inside a car. Whenever i did light up in the house it was after they were in bed.

But the car thing: it is IMO, a penance put on children forced to endure that.

By the way (another of my own opinions,here) A smoker who is in an enclosed space or even in proximity of others and does not ask if it would bother them if he/she lit up, tch tch.

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Russel.West answers:

It is an offence to smoke whilst driving - if you had an accident whilst smoking you could be charged with driving without due care or attention, worse still if the accident cost a life or lives, the charge could be far more serious.

Smoking in a car with children in it is asking them to breath the smoke of the smoker and society has judged that to be unacceptable which is why the smoking in public enclosed spaces in the UK is now prohibited - passive smoking has been shown to be harmful, I would not object to the law being changed to prevent people smoking in private vehicles with children in.

Having said that I smoke, I avoid doing so in front of or near my child, why should she have to suffer and more importantly I don't want her copying my habit, I have tried to stop and failed many times, but I now smoke only in the evenings when she is in bed and also we don't smoke in the house - right outside in the garden - which is a chore so I smoke less...

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hellis852 answers:

I smoke but have always obeyed the rules of any of my family who don't. Do smoke in car but usually on my own or with another smoker. I have always asked when in a pub or resturant if they mind even coffee shops. Only been turned down once in the 80s.so did not smoke even though I was at that table before her in the coffee house. It was in the 1970s when I started so was a late smoker. Never intersted when younger. I have found I do not go places anymore and also friends are the same. Pity but have to think of the future.Even got a anti smoking cat who checks my ashtrays all the time.Glad I am the age I am the world is getting more angry and disruptive and just a few times I thought if they could only have a smoke instead of drinking themselves to death which I feel is the worst of the two. I never remember trouble on planes etc before the ban makes you think.

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