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As some may know, my catch word on here is "Bliddy" have you found yourself using when at home or out?
Also there are other little foibles that members do and say, and you found yourself doing in real life and then think to IQ?
Opinions please? Oh and if this site goes will the word "Bliddy" live on ?
Supplement from 01/06/2009 01:58pm:
*it* soz my fingers are cold.

asked in words, real, life

P-Kasso answers:

Nope. I reserve it strictly for iQ. It is a great word. Best way to thwart the chuffing profanity filter!

PS Got chuffing from a Yorkshire man, a comedy script writer and now use it three or four times a day or per hour as required.

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vultan answers:

To be honest, if I feel the need to swear in real life, I just swear properly. There's no profanity filter in my world.

Currently, I find myself swearing at computer games a lot.

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Topaz2308 answers:

I have used Bliddy on a regular basis for several months now especially when my niece and nephew are present as they are at the age they are mimicking things like a couple of polly parrots.

Haven't really included any other bits from Lycos in daily life though but others (Mr Topaz) might say different.

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funrunna answers:

I say what the fcUK I like... Though I do behave on here!

Supplement from 01/06/2009 02:23pm:

Only 'cause I bliddy have too!!

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seacommander answers:


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tracieboo answers:

I wrote out my friends birthday card the other night and i signed it Tracieboo! made me realise i have been coming on here for way to long!
I have said Bliddy once or twice....

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high1971 answers:

no i can not say i have used it

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