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Who is to blame if you get hit from behind in a car accident?
If someone deliberately blinds you with their headlights on full beam and you have to slow down because you are blinded by it then get hit from behind at speed by the offending driver, who is to blame? Is it the driver who blinds you then hits you from behind or is it yourself for slowing down quickly due to being blinded?
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athenabs13ohe answers:

The driver behind you is at fault.
If i was blinded by headlights, its 2nd nature for me to slow down.
The driver behind should stay well back anyway. If that driver was sounds to me reckless driving for with full headlights on, he is at fault for causing the accident.
Dont matter if you slowed down quickly or not, if you were not blinded if you had to slammed on the brakes because some-one stepped out in front of you, and he hit you, means he was to close.

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Logicalawyer answers:

the issue is simply who has the right of way, therefore if you are infront you have right of way infront of the person driving behind you and therefore they have to take not to drive into you. The person who blinded you is not held liable for the driver behind you actions but may be prosecuted for other offences under vehicle defects or operating his vehicle in manner which may cause danger to others.

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narendrakumar answers:

I am afraid, to the best of my knowledge, the fault lies upon the person who hits the vehicle from the rear side!!!!

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