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Is it safe to have a x-ray when your pregnant ?
My wife went to the dentist when she was 7 months pregnant and the dentist took a mouth x-ray, is she allowed to do this ? Because i've heard you shouldnt have a x-ray when your pregnant, therefore should i sue the dentist for mispractise ?
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duffield1 answers:

If your dentist knew she was pregnant, I would guess that she took precautions; the lead vest that covers the chest and abdomen, for example, should provide adequate protection for both mother and baby. You can have x-rays when pregnant, but they are usually avoided wherever possible.

As to suing the dentist for malpractice, no, don't bother - unless you can infer a direct link between this treatment and any abnormalities at birth (highly unlikely), you have no claim against the dentist.

This site might put your mind at rest:

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siasl74 answers:

Firstly, and this may seem stupid to ask, did she tell the dentist she was pregnant?

Secondly, while it's wise to avoid routine x-rays, it may be required for the mothers health - see this example:

Lastly, assuming the dentist knew about the pregnancy, did they offer screening for your wife's tummy?

Ask the dentist how many rads the x-ray dosed your wife with, too.

This link leads me to believe that dental x-rays are safe during pregnancy, too

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robinsamuels answers:

My wife, as a dentist, tries to avoid any treatment which involves x-rays for pregnant women.

But, what did you go in for? People have been know to die from blood poisoning after leaving abscesses untreated. Also, treatment without an image as guidance could lead to nerve damage, causing facial paralysis.

As long as the dentist knew you were pregnant and made a value judgement accordingly, it sounds like they did the right thing.

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