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Why do my hands swell when I run?
I am an avid runner (20 miles a week) and recently engaged so I am wearing a ring for the first time ever. I guess I have never noticed my hands swelling before because I've never worn a ring before.
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siasl74 answers:

There are several potential causes for swelling in hands or feet while running, the most usual is over or under hydration - which I doubt is the case for you. Another cause is the centrifugal force causing an edema (swelling) - again, probably not your problem.

The last cause is blood pooling - it's difficult to pump the blood out, and if your ring is slightly restrictive, then that makes it all the harder. I get this if my trainers are on too tight, and I've also noticed it since getting married. The only solution here is to loosen the restriction - i.e. take the ring off during running.

You could also get yourself a blood pressure check to make sure it's not raised.

Disclaimer - I don't claim to have covered every medical eventuality here, these are just the common causes. Your GP might be a better person to check this with as you may have medical history that would indicate a different diagnosis.

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