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When paying a certain amount on a Gas/Electric bill can the company that supply you still force a Pre Payment meter on you?
I am currently paying in excess of £100.00 a month sometimes a little more if i have the money to pay a very large (over £489.00 Gas and electric bill ) now I have spoken to the supplier concerned today and they have said unless I put my repayments on a DD of £122.00 per month they will warrant a Prepayment meter on to my property, i do not want a meter fitting I am making the payments every month without fail by a payment card they issued me with some 6 months ago. Can they do this even though I am trying very hard to pay off the current bill and have called them to advise them of this issue?
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robinsamuels answers:

If you have built up an excessive debt to them, then yes, they can insist on a pre-payment meter regardless of how much you owe.

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moonzero2 answers:

I would contact trading standards on this one as you are paying them on an agreed basis, also at present the standing charge and cost for supply is higher with a prepayment meter this would only cost you more at a time when you can obviously least afford it.

Your local paper may be worth contacting as they hate adverse publicity.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Makes no Difference. re Trading standards.
I just before xmas had the same problem with a certain Electric company, altho i had contacted them re payments, I then got a threatening letter to cut me off,or a pre-payment meter put in, told them no way as i couldnt have pre-payment meter put in as reg disabled and couldnt get out if leccy went. They now taking money out of my income support to recover the debt of wait for it. £50. I told them i going to switch suppliers, but was told in a forthright manner, the debt be carried to another supplier. But it be worth knowing you can apply to the EDF Trust fund top pay for the oustanding debts if you on low income etc. look up EDF (if thats your supplier) Trust fund online and ask for a form to fill in,
I do know Martin Lewis the money man on GMTV, is trying to fight these charges etc. i try and find the web site for you.

Supplement from 01/09/2009 06:16pm:

Here you go , may help others as well. lot of money savings tips as well.


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