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My daughter has just called Gorden brown a souless, emotionless,spineless worm.....
Do you have a better discription or has she hit the nail on the head?

She had no interest in politics until the 'worm' came into power, so i suppose i have to thank him for sparking her interest!!!
asked in politics

cryptminder answers:

devious and not to be trusted. Basically a snake. In some ways exactly like Blair, but he could hide it a lot better.

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Family.Guy answers:

Nope that evaluation of him works for me.

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xoloriib answers:

I'd say he's a man with a very tough job at the moment. You are very lucky he's stayed in the job. Lots of others would have resigned faced with the current world economic crisis.

Do you think that perhaps your daughter will not be voting Labour?

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blacksmith81 answers:

Minus the 'Anglo-Saxon' adjectives, which would render the whole thing, more like a map of the night sky, I would say about right.

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rasputin1309 answers:

Where on earth did she get that impression !

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imfeduptoo answers:

I have to disagree - I no longer have any interest in politics but I feel Gordon Brown is misjudged in many ways.

IMO, he's doing a very difficult job that he lacks the ability to do; this doesn't make him a nasty or weak person.

I believe he is very often sincere, but misguided and out of his depth.

Many people I know do not agree with having a Scottish Prime Minister because of potential conflicting interests, so this could be a widespread feeling - in which case, no matter what he says or does he doesn't have a chance of success.

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nbyward answers:

Gordon Brown is two things: a fool,and a liar. He also has one eye.

He is therefore a One-eyed trouser snake.

If you find this reference to disability unpleasant,I should point out that until Brown went for the sympathy vote just before his Coronation, very few people in the UK realised he was a walking monocle.

Your daughter is a fine young woman and an impeccable judge of character. I note that the lady before me says 'he is doing a job he is not qualified to do'. In which case, he sholdn't have stabbed everyone else in the front in order to get it.

In 2006,the rank and file of the Parliamentary Labour Party formed a pressure group known as Anyone But Gordon. As Labour MPs find it hard to agree about anything, we have to feel that they knew something we didn't. However, we now know it too: the man is a dissembling hypocrite in love with power, but lacking a moral compass. Journalists talk already of his comeback, but once the rest of the mess is laid bare before UK electors, he will be massively rejected - and take his spin-obsessed Party with him.

For more on Brown, www.notbornyesterday.org


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Russel.West answers:

And that is a summary of his good points?!!! but I would say out of the choices there were he had to be the most benign...

Bring back Charles Kennedy - at least he was up front about his problems...

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