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6 Month Tenancy Agreement
I moved into a flat out of my parental home almost 6 months ago now and the Tenancy for that 6 month period is nearly up.

I want to know if this will be an on going tenancy agreement or if in these situations that is usually the case, just want to know if I should contact my Landlord or just sit and wait until they contact me, obviously I would like to stay and re new the tenancy if this is applicable or does the agreement just keep going ?
hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this for me, I will be contacting my Landlord estate agent soon but seeing as this is a Q & A site thought I would ask you guys first.
If I have not written my question in an understyandable way please feel free to ask.

asked in landlord and tenant law, estate agent, tenancy agreement

siasl74 answers:

Normally such contracts just continue until one party gives notice (one months notice, normally). Alternatively, you may be asked to sign a second 6 month agreement.

Your letting agent or landlord should be happy to explain what they would prefer.

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bikerpilot answers:

Unless appropriate notice to quit has been given by either party, this shorthold tenancy automatically continues as a statutory tenancy on the same terms. all other things being ok - usually until one months notice is given.
If a new contract is signed you and the landlord are again tied in for a minimum of six months legally.

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