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Maths Problem
take this to be true


and say i had 20b how do i know how much a i have?
its obvious when the numbers are easy but what method do i actually use when they are not ?
1eV= 1.6x10^-19j

and if i had 3.371x10^-19j how much eV do i have?
Supplement from 01/10/2009 08:23pm:
is it b(2)/b(1)=a(2)? ie 20b/10b = 2a

asked in physics, maths

Messerwisser answers:

1 eV= (1.6x10^-19) j can be expressed as
1 j=(1/1.6x10^-19)eV
but you have (3.371x10^-19)j so just multiply the parenthesis to get eV.

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