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Vanilla pods - what to do with the left over bits?
once you have removed the seeds and pith to use in a cake - is there anything that the outer pod can be used for?
asked in spices, foods, cooking baking

jacquesdor answers:

you could boil them up as a de-odouriser, Other than that I cant think of anything.

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tracieboo answers:

I put the case in a pot with some sugar, hey presto, vanilla sugar. Perfect for your next cake or biscuit making session.

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agentju90 answers:

grind them up, mix with olive oil, use in one of those aroma therapy oil things. or put near a hot radiator. you'll get a lovey vanilla scent to your room. i also do this with dried orange peel. cinamon sticks and anniseed root and cloves work well too. try a mix and see what you like.

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