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Cats - what can I use that is harmless to deter them - see below...
I have a cat(s) using my front lawn and bark filled borders as a toilet - I have been told pure black mustard seed oil and or citronella or citrus oil will deter them is this true or is there a more environmentally friendly way to deter them?
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jacquesdor answers:

Cirus oil is good. Halved grapefruit scatted on the area is good. I imagine lemon slices would also work. I have squeezed lemons over places, but somehow the grapefruit seems more effective.
Otherwise get as many men as you can to wee over the area - seriously, that deters rats too!!!

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Topaz2308 answers:

Some black pepper will deter them as well as it irritates them so they smell for some where else to go to toilet. Have to reapply after rain but they soon get the message, we used it for about 2 months and after that no more cat toilet.

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tracieboo answers:

Orange oil is the best, or bits of orange peel, i rub the oil along the top of my garden fence, it is quite funny to see a cat go to jump on it from next doors fence, get a wiff of orange and then see it do a back flip to get away from it!!

Oh and a dog is a good one aswell!! they scarper if i let mika out.

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seacommander answers:

A squirt of water is a good deterrent if you can catch them 'red handed'. They will eventually learn.

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vultan answers:

A dog might do the trick. Or a cat of your own - a real mean one that will be really territorial.

Failing that, possibly some kind of high pitched sonic device - there are ones you can get to annoy foxes, I think. They'd probably work on cats (and also possibly birds, rabbits, squirrels, mice, moles, insects, plants and people - but at elast you'd have got rid of the cats).

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blacksmith81 answers:

If you have a Zoo nearby, Lion dung, or that from any Big Cat, is supposed to be very effective, at keeping other people's pets, out of your garden.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

You can now get water squirters to deter cats from garden, that you put on end of hosepipe and it as a sensor, a P.I.R. and everytime a cat walks past its gets a shower. (not really practical if you soak some-one on pavement.) To stop cats is 1 you could change your bark covering for Scree or south cerney stones, they cant poop etc on that as its stones. Or for the bark, Holly Leaves, they prickly and cats wont go any where near them. For Lawn you can always get Prickly holly branches and lay it down where they go.
Water always seems to work. (unless you have a turkish van cat that does its toileting in garden. they love water.) I solved my cat in garden problem, by letting 3 of my own cats (they are indoor cats.) out and they pinned him against the garden gate. Not seen him since ;0)

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Theminxy1 answers:

Orange peel and all the other citrus-type remedies mentioned work a treat. I did resort to lion dung in one of my gardens, mainly because the neighbours had seven cats, and none of them were too fussy about burying their deposits. You've never seen cats scarper so fast in all your life...

...However, it has to be said, that there is nothing quite so satisfying as keeping a loaded super-soaker on the kitchen windowsill and giving the little darlings a good wetting once in a while hehe... and before I get berated, I am a cat lover and usually have one or two of my own.

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