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what was the first tobacco company to register in the uk
and is that company still going
asked in first, company, register

vultan answers:

I think the first 'company' to sell tobacco in England was the colony in Virginia set up in Elizabethan times. Not sure it really had a name - it was probably more a question of planters going across, growing tobacco, and selling it back, presumably via middlemen.

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Russel.West answers:

Try this page -


It expands on what Vultan correctly describes happened - see bit about this:
1564 or 1565: ENGLAND: Tobacco is introduced into England by Sir John Hawkins and/or his crew. Tobacco is used cheifly by sailors, including those employed by Sir Francis Drake, until the 1580s. (Chroniclers of the day took little note of the customs of sailors. Crews under the command of less famous captains than Hawkins would be given even less notice. But Spanish and Portuguese sailors spread the practice around the world-probably first to fellow sailors at port cities. There is no reason to suppose Hawkins' crew particularly advanced in comparison to those on other English ships. In sum, there could well have been a small underground of seafaring tobacco users in England for decades before officialdom took notice. Hawkins and his crew are usually given the credit, but in reality, take this with a grain of sea-salt.

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