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what colour is water
scientific answer
asked in science

Hiheels answers:

Very faintly blue.

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funrunna answers:

I have a UTI so it varies!

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bikerpilot answers:

sort of watery colour unless you dilute it

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Topaz2308 answers:

The major light source in the Earth is the Sun. Sunlight comprises different colours of light, from red light with the longest wavelength to violet light with the shortest. The colour of an object mainly depends on the colour of light emitted from it.

Absorption by water is stronger for red light, but weaker for blue light. But this effect is only apparent when the water is reasonably thick (exceeding 1 metre). This is why, in daily life, a cup of pure water appears colourless under white light whereas a big aquarium looks bluish through the thickness of water.


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