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All and sundry seem to have hunted for the meaning of life...Does life *need* a meaning ?

asked in life

robinsamuels answers:

Deep or what!

I guess it must depend on the individual. There are plenty of people who don't care for anything but their own pleasure. I suppose that in a way, the pursuit of their own well being is a meaning in their lives, but that's not what most people would mean by the phrase.

I know I'll never get everything I want for myself and that I could never give everything to others that I may want to give. So for me, I need to see that there is some sort of balance between what is good, bad, and ideal. Then I mix in a healthy dose of realism.

As the Rolling Stones sang:

You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

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imfeduptoo answers:

I believe humans are the only kind of life that would question whether there is/needs to be a meaning to life.

We are a very small percentage of the life on Earth and the rest of it gets by without knowing or caring the meaning of it so I'm inclined to think there is no meaning, or if there was a super power that created us all, it didn't intend us to find out what it is.

If man/womankind is a freak accident then there is no meaning. IMO.

So long as we each have a purpose in life I don't think we need to worry about the meaning of life.

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tracieboo answers:

Life needs a purpose, that is what gets you out of bed in the morning.

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Poindexter answers:

Life doesn't neccessarily need a meaning, but it gives it that extra sparkle.

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Russel.West answers:

I was once told that half the people on earth are here to help the other half - quite what they are here for (other than to be helped) is a mystery to me...

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himnextdoor answers:

To know the meaning of life is to understand the nature of God.

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laratheangel answers:

I believe the meaning of life is to serve Lara.

This view isn't widely shared at the moment, but promoting it gives my life meaning... hahahahhaa Lara xxxx

PS. Serve Lara, give me points... xx

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moonzero2 answers:

It really is a case of different strokes etc. what gives you a sense of purporse or a reason to keep going through lifes downs could be I suppose be construed as the meaning of life.

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