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I'm currently using a mobile broadband dongly thing to get online. Why does it keep disconecting ?
When in the shop buying it, they told me we had excellent signal where I live so what could be the problem ?
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blacksmith81 answers:

Sometimes the amount of network traffic, kicks the dongle from the high-speed HSDPA mode to the slower 3G mode, resulting in network time-outs.

Supplement from 01/12/2009 09:14pm:

normally, it shouldn't be too bad, at this time in the evening. Although that depends on how many others, are using the mobile networks at the same time as you.

Supplement from 01/12/2009 09:21pm:

Have you got the dongle plugged directly into the PC? I find its best to use the long cable, supplied with the dongle, so that I can place it about 10" away from the base unit. Also using the base unit to screen the dongle from the monitor etc.

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seacommander answers:

I'm sure they did minxy. Could it be that the 'dongly' thing requires a much more stable signal than a phone? Have you tried your computer in other places around the house - I'm sure you have noticed how variable a signal can be from one place to another. Have you got any other electrical/electronic equipment nearby that may be interferring with your signal? For example my hot water tank thermostat play absolute havoc with any radio signal.

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xoloriib answers:

I believe it's because there's more than one tower available where you live and it's switching between them. This happens because the signal strength varies. You should get on to support and ask them to fix your dongle to whichever is the nearest or whichever they think is the best tower.

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robinsamuels answers:

When we thought of going down this route, we were advised to buy a couple of 10 metre boosted USB cables and use them to put the dongle up as high in the house as possible.

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wumpus answers:

Certainly where wireless dongles are concerned, they don't have a lot of processing capacity on-board the dongle.

Instead, they rely on the computer doing a lot of work to keep them in sync with the broadband signal.

If your computer isn't powerful enough, or there's something running on it (like a virus killer) which could be intercepting and slowing down the USB traffic, the result can be repeated drops in the signal each time the sync is lost.

USB is a particularly bad medium for networking anyway, since USB itself can put a lot of loading on your computer.
I've seen instances where a 3GHz computer was running at about 50% CPU load simply being connected to a wireless network.
A proper PCI card dropped it to nearer 10%.

Could well be a similar issue with your mobile thingy.

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siasl74 answers:

Coverage maps are usually not worth the paper they're not printed on. Also, 3G coverage is notoriously fickle depending on your environment. If you live in a reasonably built up area, then it's very easy to be in a blackspot if you are indoors.

Do you get better quality if you use this dongle on a laptop outside? If so, then you could probably benefit from a better antenna or siting of the dongle itself.

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LauLau answers:

It's just the signal thats all, have you had a play around with it yet?

On mibne you can set it to either GPRS or 3G so that helps and I set it to whichever works the best for the area that I am in at that time.

GPRS can be very slow I have found that 3G works the best, Its all just to do with signal network coverage what eve5r you want to call it and yes it probably does mean that you poor signal in your house for your particular provider.

saying that I have also found that it goes up and down on a daily basis, some times good, sometimes very slow disconnecting etc, maybe other electrical appliances affect it some how or just a change of direction in the wind? lol.

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