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What is the specific law that says that minors are not allowed into a slaughterhouse?

asked in law, employment

siasl74 answers:

This link implies it is the Children and Young Persons Act 1963

Other banned jobs for kiddies:
• In a cinema, theatre, discotheque, dance hall or night club or licensed bar (except in connection with a performance given entirely by children or under the terms and conditions of a performance licence)
• To sell or deliver alcohol, except in sealed container
• To deliver milk
• To deliver fuel oils
• In a commercial kitchen
• To collect or sort refuse
• In any work which is more then 3 metres above ground or internal floor level
• In employment involving harmful exposure to physical, biological or chemical agents
• To collect money or to sell or canvass door to door
• In work involving exposure to adult material or in situations which are for this reason otherwise unsuitable for children
• In telephone sales
• In any slaughterhouse or in any part of a butcher’s shop or other premises connected with the killing of livestock, butchers, or the preparation of meat for sale
• As an attendant or assistant in a fairground or amusement arcade or in any other premises used for the purpose of public amusement by means of automatic machines, games of chance or skill or similar device.
• In the personal care of residents of any residential care home or nursing home
• In industrial undertakings
• in a bar of licensed premises
• Street trading.

Supplement from 01/15/2009 10:51am:

Aha - it's actually: Section 559(1) of the Education Act 1996 imposes restrictions or prohibits a particular employment
Taken from the bottom of the page of the link I gave. The 1963 act seems to be the one that imposes restrictions on the public performance aspects.

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