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If you had a friend who had never had sex and they were in their 20's would you try and set them up with someone if you knew they wanted to meet someone? If so how would you go about it?

asked in relationships, sex

wumpus answers:


If I was that good at pulling the opposite sex when I was 20, then I'd have had a few more of my own.

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Hiheels answers:

No, there's no time limit on having sex.

Sex is easy, you can get it anywhere, relationships are the trickier thing.

If they're looking to meet someone for a relationship, tell them to stop looking. These things happen when you least expect them.

If they're still determined, they should start talking to people at work, join evening classes for things they're interested in - but I'd go back to my point of not being able to force it.

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Russel.West answers:

No - this is up to them... if you interfere and it goes wrong your friend may blame you - they may lose their virginity but you will lose a friend!

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agentju90 answers:

l€av€ th€m alon€. if thy want it th€y will g€t it. what's th€ big d€al with virginity? p€opl€ s€€m to try and los€ it as fast as possibl€. i say your fri€nd should b€ proud on th€ms€lv€s and h€ sh€ has my r€sp€ct.

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sheps101 answers:

If someone you knew, is the same someone you know they wanted to meet, yes introducing them is ok, otherwise no I would not get involved.

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LauLau answers:

I would wait until they ask if you could maybe help them out with that sort of thing or just drop it politely into a casual conversation, don't go trying to set them up as they may feel embarassed and not have the first idea of what to do and how to act etc etc.

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