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Do drinks really taste different depending on the vessel from which you drink them?
SOme people insist that tea tastes better from a china cup. I hate drinking cold drinks from a mug - especially water which seems to develop a strange taste.

But is it true that the taste changes, or is this just a psychological interpretation? Could, for example, the thickness of a mug affect which tastebuds a drink hits first, thus altering the drinking experience?
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himnextdoor answers:

Definitely. Tea tastes great out of china and I can't stomach Guinness out of a plastic glass.

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vultan answers:

There definitely seems to be a difference between Diet Coke out of a plastic bottle and Diet Coke out of a can - might just be down to coldness, though, as cans seem to get colder than plastic bottles if you stick them in the fridge.

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Messerwisser answers:

Only if you are not blindfolded.
Try also drinking through a straw.

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Hiheels answers:

Tea in plastic mugs is horrible.
With hot drinks I would think that the heat would have some effect on the container and either some of the taste would leech in to the drink, or it would be enough to make the container smell of whatever it's made of and then that would get caught up in the taste.

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Russel.West answers:

Brandy from a balloon glass is different from say a tumbler - I believe it has to do with the thin glass and shape allowing the aroma to be enjoyed as well as the taste.

I love my espresso from a small espresso coffee cup, but instant from a BIG mug.

I can tell the difference between water from a gas boiled kettle my step dad uses and the electric kettle - it tastes metalic from the old copper kettle!

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cryptminder answers:

Beer tastes better out of real glass than a plastic "glass"

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xoloriib answers:

They are trying to introduce a law in NSW to have beer served from plastic containers because there are so many incidents of ‘glassing’ that are causing horrible facial injuries. The plastic glasses are unbreakable or shatter into pieces so small as to be unusable as a weapon. The taste and feel is considerably different and drinkers are up in arms about the proposed law. I find that as long as the cup is squeaky clean (no tea stains) beer tastes the same from a cup or a glass but I certainly wouldn't want to drink it from plastic or foam cup.

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