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Is there any way I can stop websites from seeing that I am using a proxy to connect to the internet?
For example, I can't access the iQ blog from my work computer, and I've had the same issue with other sites. However, if I use my mobile phone's internet connection, rather than the proxy server, I can see these pages.

Is there anyway of bypassing this strange proxy-disapproval?
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siasl74 answers:

I suspect this is not an issue with the website not liking proxy servers, but with the proxy server not liking the website (assuming the proxy is owned by your employer).

My work connection runs through a proxy server and I can just as easily see the IQ blog as the main site.

I can't browse porn, mind :-)

Supplement from 01/15/2009 01:30pm:

There's me getting tripped by the filter - replace the stars with "naughty sites" :-)

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