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I am serious about buying a car, and what are the top five things you look for in a first impression?

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siasl74 answers:

Insurance cost
Maintenance cost
Repair costs
Add-ons (multi-CD, etc..., but only particular ones)

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seacommander answers:

Space – has to be an estate car
Diesel – economy.
Corrosion resistance – galvanised body shell
History of reliability coupled with low maintenance cost
Insurance / road tax class

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athenabs13ohe answers:

All depends if you buying a new car or 2nd hand car.

Safety Features of the car, (why i always use Nissan.)
Economy for fuel.
If 2nd hand car, service history, then listen to Engine, body work, more so underneath, in the boot etc. (be surpised how many botched up weld jobs that have been done. )
Is it clean inside as well as outside.
Tyres any good.
Wera and tear of said car.
As Seacommander put, road tax prices/insurance cost.
Many pitfalls in buying 2nd hand cars. Even new cars can be a pain, if you get a lemon like i did once.
I it were me , personally i get a little good run-around car thats get you to from A.to B. The Micras are good reliable cars. (and dont depricated in value as much as they come under low insurance and tax band.)

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