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is this legal
after a few boaters the other night got a drunk man out of the canal and may have bruised him in the process as they just grabbed him by his clothes and arms as the canal was starting to freeze over he has stated that he is going to sue them for the brusing and ripping of his clothes
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cryptminder answers:

I very much doubt it would stand up in court. But on the other hand there are some extemely insane judges who may grant his request in that he could say he was having a swim and they interfered with his pleasure damaging his body and his clothes. Nothing is impossible in this crazy country of ours any more.

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Poindexter answers:

Here's what I'd do: I'd go down to my basemenet, &c. p. p.

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Family.Guy answers:

It would not stand up in court at all. If the men that pulled him out of the canal did nothing he would be dead.

It is the same thing in First Aid. If we have a casualty that has stopped breathing and has a spinal injury the priority is the Airway so the casualty has to be moved despite causing more damage to the spine.

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Messerwisser answers:

It is possible the man didn't want to be rescued, and he probably cant sue them for stopping his intentions to commit suicide.
The next he could do is to sue them for the damage they caused against his will.
I don't know how your law looks upon this,but it is an interesting case.

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bmc9112 answers:

i dont think it would stand in court, but what a ungreatful &*%$.

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rasputin1309 answers:

No he will not win - no one owes a duty of care to the world so it is perfectly lawful to watch someone drown and do nothing - if you interfere and try and rescue them then you have a duty not to make their situation worse - they plainly did not and if he suffered a bit of damage in the process then so be it - in an emergency situation these things hapen - it is trifling damage he has suffered by the sound of things - they have no need to worry.

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Russel.West answers:

They could of course counter sue for time spent in the rescue and any time spent in the judicial process - unlikely that it would even make it to court and if it did in the UK he could be opening the doors to another court for being drunk in a public place...

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