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How does the US academic year work?
This question is inspired by the Phineas & Ferb Show, where the opening lyrics are:
"There's 104 days of summer vacation till school comes along just to end it..."

That's nearly 15 weeks - is that accurate? What other holidays do US school pupils get (how long and when)? How many days of teaching do they have, and how does this compare to UK schools?
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seacommander answers:

According to Wiki, the US school year is divided into 2 18 week semesters making a total of 36 weeks of instruction and, presumably, 16 weeks (112 days) vacation – inclusive of weekends.

This compares to the UK school year where the year is split into learning blocks of roughly 2x7 and 4x6 weeks making a total of 38 weeks with 14 weeks (98 days) of vacation.

The details of the holidays are a little to complex to paraphrase here and are best read straight from Wiki.


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