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who do you think has the best chance of winning the prem league this year?
im man u and i think they will win no doubt!
asked in football

rasputin1309 answers:

You're man u?

I assumed there would be more of you?

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high1971 answers:

i would say man u

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cimex answers:

Historically it is very unusual for the teams doing well, and those doing not so well, in January to maintain same standards for the rest of the season. There is always a turnaround. So I think it is distinctly possible that Man United and Liverpool will fade, just like Hull City have, and that either Arsenal or Chelsea or both will all of a sudden start winning every match they play. So one of them could steal the title again.

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roastpotatoes answers:

I would have to say one of the London teams...Arsenal probably but if not it could be Chelsea.......

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