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Is there a way of deodorising cat litter?
I have two indoor cats and the best cat litter I can find doesn't seem to do all that much about the smells they can generate. Any tips to help get rid of the smell?
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duffield1 answers:

I have a friend with lots of cats (doesn't everyone!) and the best technique is to change their food - apparently, Iams makes their excretia less smelly than other foods, but it is quite expensive. Wet meat is the worst - and I think this is true for dogs, too, as my dogs' poo smells loads worse when they've eaten tinned meat, compared to Bakers Complete!

When she'd given up on Iams, she used to use some powder (I think it was like Shake 'n' Vac, but I can't remember what it was called), which she mixed with bicarb and a clumping cat litter. Apparently, that works as the bicarb absorbs some smell, and the carpet freshener masks the rest.

I still think her house smells of cat, but there again, mine probably smells of dog.

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agentju90 answers:

yu can buy cat ltt€r that d€odoris€s on contact. you can also g€t a suplim€nt that you spray onto food for €ith€r cats or dog€ that mak€s wast€ sm€ll of nothing v€ry much. it also conditions th€ coat, stops sm€lly farts, and bad br€ath. i'll try and find th€ nam€ of th€ product.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Catsan Cat litter is very good, its expensive but does not smell as much as the cheap versions. (dont go for the clumping catsan litter.)
You also can buy cat litter trays with hoods over them and incorprated in the lids of some is charcoal sheets. Cleaning out regulary helps. Diet as really no play in smelly cat litter trays.
With the Catsan cat litter, when they open their open their bowels, you can scoop it up with a poop scoop, gently tap the poop scoop inside the tray till excess litter is dropped through, then flush the poop down the loo. People who come to visit me, wouldnt tink i own 3 indoor cats as it never smells of cats. ( they all had the snip anyway.)

Supplement from 01/20/2009 11:50am:

If you been using the clay/clumping cat litter, that causes lot of smells of cats. Here is what i use.Its expesnive but does last longer than the cheaper versions.

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seacommander answers:

Activated charcoal is an excellent deodoriser and some cat litters have this included in them. This particular brand seems to get good reviews:


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Theminxy1 answers:

I would advocate training my cat to use the great outdoors. Cat litter trays are bliddy unhygienic things and should only be used while kittens are still too young to go outside.

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