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My council say that myself and my husband and 6 children (3 under 5, 1 is newborn) have to live in our home while the whole downstairs is out of bounds because asbestos needs removing..is this lawful?
I have 6 children and the front room and kitchen will be out of bounds while the work is done...any advice will be greatfully received thank you.
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Hiheels answers:

I would contact a licensed asbestos removal company and ask them.

To be honest, I wouldn't be keen to be so close while it's going on, but if they can convince you that the seals would be enough then they're the experts.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

All depends what type of Asbestos it is. Before i moved into this place, the council had to remove a tenant into here as a temporary measure as the asbestos in her home was the dangerous 1.
The Council will have proper contractors in to remove the asbestos anyway, have to by law. (they probably tested it to see what type it was.) The work will be done quite quickly and safely. Sounds like the asbestos is safe, but when removing asbestos, it will leave dust in air and for your childrens health and safety as well as your own, you have been asked to move upstairs for the time being to miminise the risk of you inhaling the dust.
If it was the dangerous asbestos, they would have re-housed you tempory. My old home roof had asbestos in it, we all remained quite safely in our homes while the roofs were replaced.
Any worries ask the council concerened.

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siasl74 answers:

Hmm - sounds iffy to me, and I'd want to be sure that the asbestos removal company are conforming to best practice before allowing them in.

Read this fact sheet (PDF document):

At the very least you need to ask them what they do to ensure that any airborne fibres generated in the removal process are removed.

Also, give your local Health and Safety Executive a ring - their numbers are here:

It would probably help if you had a copy of any asbestos survey to hand - your council should be able to provide you with a copy.

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